September 11 | 6:00 pm
Teatro India

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err. scritture dell’imprevisto

err incontra Motus: “dare fuoco”


An encounter between the editorial staff of the magazine/blog err. writings of the unexpected, whose point of reference is their latest project dare fuoco (Set on Fire) and Daniela Nicolò with Enrico Casagrande of Motus whose new show is titled Tutto Brucia (Everything Burns). Hosting the meeting are Felice Cimatti and Daniela Angelucci.

What temperatures are we destined for?
What masks will they ask us to wear?
Can anything be expressed through fire? Or is it just vanity?
What is err?

Err is a magazine of the Real, that is, a magazine that aims to reflect on the impasse that afflicts
all knowledge, utterances and discursive practices: the Real as a symptom that causes and disrupts all experience and speech as well as every affective manifestation. The practical desire of this editorial proposal is the production of experimental encounters between different expressive registers, “organized” from time to time around a significant gap chosen by the editorial staff in order to produce cuts, short circuits, folds, unexpected events.

The first cut of err is to set on fire (dare fuoco).

dare fuoco is meant to be a lit arrow that, once shot upwards into the darkness of our present, traces an escape path that comes with all the aesthetic difficulties it entails. This is the act that transforms everything it envelopes, constantly morphing, bathed in a fortuitous roar of fire whose steadfast motion dances through peaks and troughs, highs and lows. dare fuoco wants to make a difference, create continuous transformation, deviate from the norm. This fire is not merely destructive – from somewhere within it a consistency peeps out.

Err started along its experimentation path as a newsletter which later might become a book, an artistic object, a performance, a public event, a mural, a music, a moustache. Err is not only continuously superimposing styles and disciplines but it is also a daring experimentation in multiple forms.


Tutto Brucia is a co-production of Teatro di Roma – Teatro Nazionale, presented as part of the 2021-2022 season of Teatro India in collaboration with Short Theatre, whose performances will continue until 23 September.



err. writings of the unexpected (Orthotes editrice)
direction Federico Chicchi, Alex Pagliardini
editorial coordination Carlo Antonicelli
graphics and design Riccardo Cavallaro
editorial staff Pietro Bianchi, Felice Cimatti, Alberto Andronico, Maria Laura Bergamaschi, Marco Ferrari, Giovanni Minozzi, Daniela Angelucci, Tania Rispoli, Piersandra Di Matteo, Elena Ronconi, Diego Arturo Giordano, Emanuela Nanni, Chiara Tartaglione, Gioele Cima, Enrico Redaelli, Antonio Pollara, Francesco Filippini, Giuliana Pennacchio, Tommaso Gazzolo, Melania Villa, Sara Corna, Chiara Massari, Emilio Riccioli, Celeste Righini, Adriana Bonioli, Pietro Faiella, Valentina Galeotti, Igor Pelgreffi, Francesco Vandoni, Mario D’Angelo
© Mario D’Angelo