7—9 September | 6—8 pm
La Pelanda


Isabella Mongelli

Exclave Oracolo

Exclave Oracle is an individual Delphic consultation. Each person, an individual interlocutor and spectator, sits in front of Isabella Mongelli and asks her one or two questions in the time available. The oracle responds without any means of interpretation and through a personal political and poetic mentalism, the classic oracular language of the landscape descending between Giacomo Leopardi’s vague stars and Elio Pagliarani’s sheet metal sky.
As a promoter of the Magic Whatever, Isabella Mongelli exchanges practices, shares knowledge, produces clairvoyance that no longer cares about future correspondences in reality: words are already vibrant matter in interaction with other materials in the world, minds included. The glass is neither half full nor half empty, it is vertically cut in half.
After its debut within 2018’s Splendor Solis project as a prelude to all things within, the oracle arrives at Short Theatre 2022 in Exclave, a new outdoor version that comes to life in the urban landscape.

The Oracle offers individual consultations: to consult it you will need to book your time slot on Eventbrite and then donate 3€ directly at the box office at La Pelanda.

Isabella Mongelli is a performer, playwright and visual artist. She focuses on simple actions within complex themes, highlighting irony and emotions rather than rational meaning. Her research develops between super-visible and invisible. Realism alternates with a surrealism that never allows for symbolism, favouring estrangement and suspension. She started her path in 2010 by exploring performance and video. In 2012 she started a long-term project in her hometown, My Personal Tarànto, that includes a series of performances and a theatre show. Among her most recent performances: Splendor Solis and Delphi Situations (2018), Salotto Mongelli (2019), Dodo Resurrection (2020), Enclave Oracolo (2021).

di e con Isabella Mongelli
produzione Xing/Live Arts Week

ph. Luca Ghedini