15 September | 8:30 pm
Teatro India – Sala Oceano

Marta Bellu

I versi delle mani

I versi delle mani is a step in the research of choreographer Marta Bellu on the relationship between movement, musical composition and contemplative practices, as well as being the first solo work of dancer Laura Lucioli. I versi delle mani explores the simultaneous construction of a musical and choreographic score traced in space through lines, points and words that activate intensity in the quality of the controlled gesture. The words|motions radiate gestural trajectories and sound matter in space as an intertwining between the artistic and pedagogical path of Marta Bellu and the affective and expressive triggers of Laura Lucioli and Agnese Banti, the latter a musician and performer interested in the connection between bodily gestures and the physicality of sound.


Marta Bellu is a dancer, psychologist and researcher. After her Master’s Degree in Neurosciences and Contemplative Practices at Università di Pisa, she dedicated herself to the study and practice of Buddhism at the Lama Tzong Khapa Institute completing the FPMT Basic Program. Since 2014 she has focused her research on choreography in terms of a dialogue between language and music composition; she founded Collettivo Trifoglio together with Donato Epiro and Andrea Sanson. As a dancer, she worked with Cristina Kristal Rizzo, Yasmine Hugonnet and Gruppo Nanou. Since 2019 she is an associate artist of Versiliadanza. She collaborates with Associazione Trisomia21, Autismo Svizzera Italiana and MAD (Murate Art District) on choreographic research projects. In 2014 the Collettivo_CA’s project was created with the aim of researching experiences in a broad community-oriented sense through the languages of art.


project by Marta Bellu with Agnese Banti and Laura Lucioli
coreography Marta Bellu
performers Laura Lucioli e Agnese Banti
dance Laura Lucioli
sound project Agnese Banti
sound direction Andrea Trona
light design Isadora Giuntini
costumes Arianna Chelazzi
production Versiliadanza
with the contribution of programma residenze KATE di Tempo Reale, Bando Abitante Fondazione CR Firenze and Centro Nazionale di Produzione della danza Virgilio Sieni
co-production Murate Art District with the support of Comune di Firenze, Associazione Mus.e and MAD Murate Art District


During July 2022 Marta Bellu and Laura Lucioli kept a choreographic workshop , Glitter, at Pelanda / Mattatoio, in the frame of RECIPROCITY, section of Short Theatre that experiments with new models of mutuality and intersectionality that spans relationships, origins and expertises through dimensional playfulness, physical exchange, narrative crossroads.