7 – 10 September | 5 – 6.30 pm
La Pelanda – Atelier
public opening of the participatory project

Fiorenza Menni/Ateliersi

Al cosmo

Al cosmo is the daily opening of the collective practice Tra le rose e le viole di Porpora Marcasciano, lettura al cosmo. A participatory reading that welcomes people and invites them to attend some moments of shared reading, orchestrated by Fiorenza Menni/Ateliersi starting from Porpora Marcasciano‘s text.
Bystanders become witnesses of a path of transmission and transformation, freely inhabiting the space, resting in the listening, stopping according to their liking. The voices of the participants transcend animal noises and verbal language, go beyond the need to recall and organise themselves to narrate. The words of Tra le rose e le viole by Porpora Marcasciano become tangible matter, letting the ten interviews that make up the memoir come to life, in a melee with fifty years of battles carried out by those who fight for their own self-determination.


The project is part of RECIPROCITY, a section of Short Theatre that experiments with models of reciprocity and intersectionality between belonging, widespread origins and knowledge through bodily practices, narrative grafts and playful universes.

From 7 to 10 September Tra le rose e le viole di Porpora Marcasciano, lettura al cosmo populates the Atelier at La Pelanda.
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Fiorenza Menni is an actress and playwright. Her writing aims to create an original dramaturgy, the result of a constant content and formal research based on philosophical studies and reflections in the field of art. Together with Andrea Mochi Sismondi she creates plays for Ateliersi. She deals with actor training by proposing work paths that tend to train the contextual and sentimental precision of interpretation using the materials she has researched along her own life path.

Porpora Marcasciano is an activist that takes part in liberation movements from the 1970s to today. She is one of the founders of MIT (Movimento Identità Trans) of which she is Honorary President. Sociologist, writer, storyteller. She published Tra le rose e le viole, la storia e le storie di travestiti e transessuali (Manifestolibri, 2002 and Alegre, 2020); Favolose Narranti, storie di transessuali (Manifestolibri, 2008); Elementi di Critica Trans (Manifestolibri, 2010); Antologaia, vivere sognando e non sognare di vivere, i miei anni settanta (Alegre, 2016); L’aurora delle trans cattive storie sguardi e vissuti della mia generazione transgender (Alegre, 2018).


ph. Margherita Caprilli