Anticipation of the Night

The transmission of knowledge as well as the relationship between aesthetics and performativity as political action are both at the centre of Anticipation of the Night, a discursive space that comes to life each day during late afternoon, accompanying the festival as it flows through different locations. Conversations, meetings, book presentations, masterclasses and informal talks. All these Anticipation of the Night appointments expand the forms of reflection in dialogue with the artists present throughout the Short Theatre 2022 programme and involving researchers, theorists and critics, all intertwining issues spanning philosophy, physics, activism and literature. This afternoon space distils exchanges of knowledge rooted in experience and intervals of conviviality close to artistic practices, it promotes the connection between worlds and languages, all the while feeding tangents and aesthetic interferences capable of building an environment.
thursday 8 September
PUBLIC FORUM OF SOLIDARIETY final talk for the workshop How to Organize Trust & Solidarity in Activist Struggles Without Borders / European Alternatives & ESC Mattatoio – Pelanda | 5 pm
friday 9 September
Come to Matter talk with Cherish Menzo, Camilo Mejía Cortés and Francesca De Rosa Mattatoio – Pelanda | 6 pm
Saturday 10 September
Plateaux fantasmatiques | Gisèle Vienne talk + book presentation Palcoscenici Fantasma (Short Books, 2022) with NERO with Gisèle Vienne, Piesandra Di Matteo and Barbara Leda Kenny Villa Medici | 5 pm
Sunday 11 September
Stati Transitivi talk with Renata Carvalho, Antonia Caruso, Adelita Husni-Bey in collaboration with LOCALES Mattatoio – Pelanda | 5 pm
Tuesday 12 September
Spazi, tempi, pratiche accessibili | Al. Di. Qua. Artists talk with Chiara Bersani, Flavia Dalila D’Amico and Camilla Guarino Teatro India| 6 pm
Wednesday 14 September
Il gioco dei suoni | Pescheria music conversation WEGIL | 7 – 8.30 pm
Thursday 15 September
Cosa può un compost | Antonia Anna Ferrante book presentation Cosa può un compost. Fare con le ecologie femministe e queer (Sossella, 2022) with Antonia Anna Ferrante and Ilenia Caleo WEGIL | 7 pm
Friday 16 September
Wild Things, Bewilderment and Beyond | Jack Halberstam talk with Jack Halberstam, Antonia Anna Ferrante and Annalisa Sacchi WEGIL | 5.30 pm
Saturday 17 September
Arca | Simone Montozzi book presentation Arca (Rizzoli Lizard, 2022) with Simone Montozzi, Elisabetta Visalberghi and Adriano Ercolani WEGIL | 5 pm