STAFFETTA – Tell Me What You Hear

Divert the attention from the image to listening, trying to frame what listening allows us to imagine. The focus is not on the production of images but on how these can be created. To welcome the unexpected, to let our viewpoint melt, let different things attract our attention. Staying together in the first place.

CIRCA is a collective of videomakers that has been collaborating with Short Theatre since 2019; this year they found inspiration in the relay race and gathered a group of Audiovisual Art students who took part to a workshop on documentation based on the coexistence on different bodies and practises, a physical experience for those who make it and for those who watch it. The result will be a collective narrative of the festival. The participants are encouraged to share their tools, experiences and languages. Kaleidoscopic lenses, invisible gels, binaural microphones, broken recorders, flying sets and crazy tripods are allowed.

Everyone is precious in this “small crew” that will realize an unexpected and playful documentary with the aim to shift the focus onto the outline, to shift the visual medium towards the inaudible. An almost digital experience, a narrative that leaves around traces of its evolution, objects, sonic notes and postcards. 

a project by CIRCA | Laura Accardo, Eleonora Mattozzi, Maria Giovanna Sodero
in collaboration with Accademia di Belle Arti di Roma, RUFA, Scuola dArte Cinematografica Gian Maria Volontè with the support of FESR Fondo Europeo di Sviluppo Regionale Programma Operativo Regionale del Lazio