My Room Is a Landscape

My Room is a Landscape

sounds and music for Short Theatre 2021

curated by Enrico Kybbe


Present and past, slow and pressing rhythms, sounds that go around the world to end up somewhere else. Enrico Kybbe is a dj and a hoarder of records who – on this occasion – will let his collection out of his “wonder room” to meet with Short Theatre’s community in the festival outdoor areas. My Room is a Landscape – sounds and music for Short Theatre 2021: each night the audience will enjoy a theme musical selection – created especially for the festival – ranging from Afro, Cosmic Disco, Dub, Downtempo to 80s Electro played at a wrong speed. A passionate exploration of music genres and scenes that will create a different landscape, temperature, time and space each night.


A journey through sounds and rhythms of the African continent, from Nigerian Highlife to Algerian Raï.

Two different selections of 12″ and 7″ New Beat, Tribal, Euro House, Early Techno records played at a wrong speed: from 45 rpm to 33 rpm.

Let’s get lost in Jamaican dub with the producers who made history: Joe Gibbs, King Tubby, Scientist and others.

A space-time journey through European disco music of the 70ies and 80ies. An accurate selection of obscure and unknown 45 rpm records criss-crossing the various styles of the genre.


Sardinian of Roma Est, passionate about music in all its forms, Enrico Kybbe started collecting records at an early age and it got really out of hand. The collection welcomed the most varied of musical tastes: Cosmic Disco, Junk-Shop, Glam, Punk, Afro, Disco, Reggae, Dub, etc. But more than just collecting them, he loves to grant them new life all around Rome – from Proudfoot Sound to Rootsvibes to the new Afro/Disco Cosmic70.

© Giovanna Vasta