RECIPROCITY#1: Escuela de Frontera – Amanda Piña


Escuela de frontera

12 – 13 – 14 July

Amanda Piña is a Mexican-Chilean-Austrian choreographer and dancer whose work is focused on the study of “endangered” dances. Her practises aim at decolonizing contemporary art and culture through the political and social power of movement and by introducing references and perspectives drawn from the worlds she explores.

Within the RECIPROCITY project, Amanda will work with a group of women from the associations Coloriage, Lucha y Siesta, Asinitas, Carrozzerie n.o.t. and Civico Zero. Together they will develop a participatory path divided in three stages, and a final performance that will have as a stage the public areas of the Testaccio district.
The first stage is a workshop with the social tailor’s shop Coloriage: the craft of tailoring will be passed on in order to create stage costumes. In the second stage – that will take place in September – Amanda Piña and a few dancers from her company will experiment some movement practises together with a group of women: the Danza de frontera, derived from a pre-Hispanic dance celebrating the victory of Christians over Moors. It later was used as a racist propaganda tool during the colonization of America Latina; today, it represents resistance and self-determination, creating a repertoire of narratives that intertwine hip-hop, colonial stories, indigenous practises and mysticism. The third stage will take place with all its explosive energy during the festival when the participants will invade public areas with a procession/ itinerant performance.