RECIPROCITY#1: URLO_Roma – Kinkaleri

12-13 July
From August 30 to September 13
Urban Spaces


Rome speaks to us all the time: it screams out to us and makes people scream back at it. As part of RECIPROCITY, i.e. the overall project bringing together all the participatory paths within Short Theatre, Kinkaleri let loose sonic vibrations that gestate within the body and erupt into the city, becoming tangible through the gaze. Since 1995 Kinkaleri have flitted between experimentation in choreography, performance, installation and sound in order to search for a language that is directly based on the evidence of objects and not based solely on a particular style. They have received numerous awards such as the Ubu Award (in 2002 for OTTO) and have been featured in numerous programs throughout Italy as well as in festivals and galleries abroad. For Short Theater 2021 they present URLO Roma, a project that consists of putting up around 20 giant posters depicting screaming subjects throughout the urban city area: a simple gesture from the city streets, crystallised into disruptive stillness, a signal, a form of either distance or proximity from the things that make up this world, all without rhetoric and without style. The shots will be taken in the summer, along a path that winds through the Testaccio district and beyond. Afterwards, these images become physical and spread throughout the city in the form of posters. They will be visible during the days preceding the start of Short Theater as well as for its entire duration.

a project by Kinkaleri / Massimo Conti, Marco Mazzoni, Gina Monaco
production Short Theatre 2021