STARTING TO RESONATE: Short Theatre 2021 is coming

Short Theatre 2021
16th edition
3–13 September
La Pelanda – Mattatoio di Roma ~ WEGIL ~ Teatro India ~ Teatro Argentina
Teatro del Lido di Ostia ~ Spazi urbani | Rome
preview 2 September ~ Reale Accademia di Spagna a Roma


We look ahead to September and begin to beat a rhythm, one which will make the bodies, voices, contours, surfaces and vegetation that dot our city resonate in mutual vibration.

Vocal echoes, reverberations, oscillating planes, underground layers of sound, ghostly tremors and interrupted frequencies. Short Theatre 2021 is preparing to create spaces  – in between –, so that amid the audible and the visible we can experience the continuous counterpoints, between thresholds of intimacy and the poetics of relationship.

Density and fluidity are the twin axis onto which the experiences of the multitude will be grafted, in intervals between poetic words, through acts of creolisation, via trajectories capable of stirring presence as well as rhythms and rumbles that are able to invoke zones of expectation, of the not yet, of resonance. Where listening emerges as a performative gesture, as a necessary step in political action.

Short Theatre’s 16th edition will take place in different spaces across the city of Rome:
WEGIL and La Pelanda – Mattatoio di Roma, Teatro Argentina, Teatro India and the Teatro del Lido di Ostia alongside urban spaces whose realities resonate with the active social and cultural fabric of the city, and which allow us to draw a topography of consonance.

Amanda Piña ~ Kinkaleri ~ Alessandro Carboni ~ Sofia Jernberg ~ Anne-Lise Le Gac ~ Allison Grimaldi-Donahue ~ Norman Ajari ~ Extragarbo ~ François Chaignaud ~ Giulia Crispiani ~ Giovanna Zapperi ~ Wissal Houbabi / Vittorio Zollo ~ Lafawndah ~ Ivo Dimchev ~ INCOMMON / Iuav ~ Sara Leghissa ~ NERO ~ Cherish Menzo ~ Alexia Sarantopoulou ~ CHEAP street poster art ~ crystallmess ~ École des Maîtres ~ Fanfulla 5/a ~ Mighty ~ Brutal Casual Magazine (Jacopo Benassi / Lady Maru) ~ Giuseppe Vincent Giampino ~ OHT ~ Les Cliniques Dramaturgiques ~ Ilenia Caleo / Silvia Calderoni ~ Motus ~ Muna Mussie ~ Jaha Koo ~ Nadia Beugré ~ Madalena Reversa ~ Nora Chipaumire (and more…)